Mobile Web Design Training Course in London

Course Price: £550
Course Type: Classroom Based, instructor-led and Hands-on
Location: Kings Cross, London

When is this course running

Course is not currently running, contact us for more information about this course.

Mobile Web Design Course overview

If you want to learn Mobile Web Design and excel in it, then enroll on our Mobile Web Design Training short-course today.

The Mobile Web Design courses content will give delegates the understanding and knowledge they need to build up a great working knowledge of the software used to design impressive mobile sites. You will learn essential components of Mobile Web Design.

Our Mobile Web Design training will allow you to interact with the trainer on a one-to one basis. As they have years of practice in the industry they will be able to teach you best practice methods and tailor the course to suit your goals.

Our tutors on the Mobile Web Design Training have had years of industry practice and can offer course times to suit your busy schedule, whether that be in the evening or on weekends.


Who is Mobile Web Design training for?

Our Mobile Web Design training in London can be for anyone who is interested in learning Mobile Web Design.Students can be guaranteed a tailored learning outline that is effectively delivered by our trainers and suited for beginners in Mobile Web Design

Prerequisites for our Mobile Web Design course

  • A good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 is required. We provide HTML5 training and CSS3 courses. You can get a good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 by taking our HTML5 and CSS3 course.
  • It is necessary to have to have some knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery. Training Dragon’s jQuery Course provide an insight into javascript and jQuery.

What will I learn?

  • Hands on tutoring from experienced Mobile Web Design experts:

    Our consultants are well experienced in the art of teaching and delivering Mobile Web Design courses. They will walk students through the syllabus step by step with a practical approach to ensure delegates get the most from the course.
  • Real-time Practice and Portfolio Projects:

    If you are a Mobile Web Design newbie, this course is just what you need. You will get real time practice on industry projects that will test your working knowledge of web design and allow you to rapidly progress your skills. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to build your portfolio that showcases your skills. If you have any ideas then present them to one of our tutors and they will give you the advice you need to bring your idea to reality.
  • Course Material:

    Delegates will receive Mobile Web Design electronic notes when they register their attendance on the course.
  • Course Completion Certificate:

    To document your achievement, we will proudly present you with a certification award when you finish the course.
  • Support and Careers Advice:

    We offer the unique opportunity to keep in contact with our team if you have any questions about Mobile Web Design after you have completed the course. Our career advisers in London will give you the confidence and guidance you need to help you grasp opportunities in the field of Mobile Web Design.

What will I learn?

  • Mobile website for different devices
  • Search Engine Optimisation for Mobile websites
  • Detection
  • Viewport
  • Mobile Browser Capabilities
  • W3C best practices for mobile websites
  • Mobile Forms
  • Use of HTML5 in Mobile web design
  • Use of CSS3 in Mobile web design
  • Website design for tablets
  • Adding Images to mobile site
  • Adding videos to your mobile web site
  • JavaScript in Mobile websites
  • Testing Mobile Web Sites
  • Mobile Emulators
  • Mobile Domain
  • Publishing your mobile web site
  • Steps to work on a mobile website project
  • Project in Mobile web design Course
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